Thursday Posters

Posters 3A 8:30-10:00

Posters 3B 1:30-3:00m

Posters 3C 5:10-6:30


Posters 3A Motion and Tracking; Shape Representation and Matching; Illumination  8:30-10:00 Foothills/Atrium/Pikes Peak
A Generative Statistical Model for Tracking Multiple Smooth Trajectories Ernesto Brau (University of Arizona); Kobus Barnard (Universiy of Arizona); Ravi Palanivelu (University of Arizona); Damayanthi Dunatunga (University of Arizona); Tatsuya Tsukamoto (University of Arizona); Philip Lee;
A Polar Representation of Motion and Implications for Optical Flow Yair Adato (Ben Gurion ); Todd Zickler;Ohad Ben-Shahar (Ben-Gurion University); 
A Two-Stage Reconstruction Approach for Seeing Through Water Omar Oreifej (University of Central Florida); Guang Shu (University of Central Florida); Teresa Pace (University of Central Florida); Mubarak Shah;
Adaptive Metric Differential Tracking Nan Jiang (HUST); Wenyu Liu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Ying Wu (Northwestern University); 
Branch and Track Steve Gu (Duke University); Carlo Tomasi;
Context Tracker: Exploring Supporters and Distracters in Unconstrained Environments Thang Dinh (Univ. of Southern California); Gerard Medioni;
Efficient Track Linking Methods for Track Graphs Using Network-flow and Set-cover Techniques Zheng Wu (Boston University); Margrit Betke;Thomas Kunz (Boston University); 
Feature- and Depth-Supported Modified Total Variation Optical Flow for 3D Motion Field Estimation in Real Scenes Thomas Müller (Daimler Research); Jens Rannacher (Universität Heidelberg); Clemens Rabe (Daimler Research); Uwe Franke (Daimler Research); 
Globally-Optimal Greedy Algorithms for Tracking a Variable Number of Objects Hamed Pirsiavash;Deva Ramanan;Charless Fowlkes (UC Irvine); 
GraphTrack: Faster than Realtime Tracking in Videos Brian Amberg (University of Basel); Thomas Vetter;
How does Person Identity Recognition Help Multi-Person Tracking? Cheng-Hao Kuo (USC); Ram Nevatia;
Learning Affinities and Dependencies for Multi-Target Tracking using a CRF Model Bo Yang (USC); Chang Huang (University of Southern California); Ram Nevatia;
Learning Temporally Consistent Rigidities Jean-Sebastien Franco (Grenoble Universities); Edmond Boyer;
Minimum Error Bounded Efficient L1 Tracker with Occlusion Detection Xue Mei;Haibin Ling;Yi Wu (Temple University); 
Multi-target Tracking by Continuous Energy Minimization Anton Andriyenko (TU Darmstadt); Konrad Schindler (ETH Zurich); 
Probabilistic Simultaneous Pose and Non-Rigid Shape Recovery Francesc Moreno (Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial (UPC/CSIC)); Josep Porta (Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial (CSIC-UPC)); 
Real-time visual tracking with compressed sensing Hanxi Li (ANU); Chunhua Shen (NICTA); Qinfeng Shi (University of Adelaide); 
Tracking 3D Human Pose with Large Root Node Uncertainty Ben Daubney (Swansea); Xianghua Xie (Swansea); 
Tracking Low Resolution Objects by Metric Preservation Nan Jiang (HUST); Wenyu Liu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Ying Wu (Northwestern University); Heng Su (Tsinghua University); 
Using 3D Scene Structure to Improve Tracking Jan Prokaj (Univ of Southen California); Gerard Medioni;
Who are you with and where are you Going? Kota Yamaguchi (Stony Brook University); Alexander Berg ;Luis Ortiz;Tamara Berg (Stony Brook University); 
2D Nonrigid Partial Shape Matching Using MCMC and Contour Subdivision Yu Cao (University of South Carolina); Zhiqi Zhang (University of South Carolina); Irina Czogiel (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics); Ian Dryden (University of South Carolina); Song Wang;
A Deformation and Lighting Insensitive Metric for Face Recognition Based on Dense Correspondences Anne Jorstad (University of Maryland); David Jacobs;Alain Trouvé (Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan); 
Affine-invariant diffusion geometry for the analysis of deformable 3D shapes Dan Raviv (Technion); Alexander Bronstein (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Israel); Michael Bronstein (University of Lugano); Ron Kimmel (Technion - IIT); Nir Sochen;
Affinity Learning on a Tensor Product Graph with Applications to Shape and Image Retrieval Xingwei Yang (Temple University); LonginJan Latecki;
Aggregating Gradient Distributions into Intensity Orders: A Novel Local Image Descriptor Bin Fan;Fuchao Wu;Zhanyi Hu;
Discriminative Image Warping with Attribute Flow Weiyu Zhang (University of Pennsylvania); Praveen Srinivasan;Jianbo Shi;
Efficient Groupwise Non-rigid Registration of Textured Surfaces Kirill Sidorov (Cardiff University); Stephen Richmond (Cardiff University); David Marshall (Cardiff University); 
Global Optimization for Optimal Generalized Procrustes Analysis Daniel Pizarro (University of Alcala); Adrien Bartoli (Université d'Auvergne); 
Graph Matching through Entropic Manifold Alignment Francisco Escolano (University of Alicante); Edwin Hancock;Miguel  Lozano (University of Alicante); 
Matching 2D Image Lines to 3D Models: Two Improvements and a New Algorithm Behzad Kamgar-Parsi (ONR); 
Multi-Level Inference by Relaxed Dual Decomposition for Human Pose Segmentation Huayan Wang (Stanford University); Daphne Koller;
Multiview Registration via Graph Diffusion of Dual Quaternions Andrea Torsello;Emanuele Rodola (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia); Andrea Albarelli;
Optimal Similarity Registration of Volumetric Images Effrosyni Kokiopoulou (ETH Zurich); Michail Zervos (University of Athens, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications); Daniel Kressner (ETH Zurich, Seminar for Applied Mathematics); Nikos Paragios;
Registration for 3D Surfaces with Large Deformations Using Quasi-Conformal Curvature Flow Wei Zeng (Stony Brook University); David Gu;
Robust Point Set Registration Using EM-ICP with Information-Theoretically Optimal Outlier Handling Jeroen Hermans (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven); Dirk Smeets;Paul Suetens (K.U.Leuven); Dirk Vandermeulen;
Topologically-Robust 3D Shape Matching Based on Diffusion  Geometry and Seed Growing Avinash Sharma (INRIA); Radu Horaud;Jan Cech (INRIA); Edmond Boyer;
Illumination Estimation and Cast Shadow Detection through a Higher-order Graphical Model Alexandros Panagopoulos (Stony Brook University); Chaohui Wang (Ecole Centrale Paris/INRIA); Dimitris Samaras;Nikos Paragios;
Illumination Invariant Feature Extraction Based on Natural Images Statistics and Optimal Filtering Lu-Hung Chen (UNC at Chapel Hill); Yao-Hsiang Yang (Academia Sinica); Chu-Song Chen (Academia Sinica); Ming-Yen Cheng;
Interreflections removal for photometric stereo by using spectrum-dependent albedo Miao Liao (University of Kentucky); Xinyu Huang (North Carolina Central University); Ruigang Yang (University of Kentucky); 
Reflection Detection in Image Sequences Mohamed Ahmed (Trinity College Dublin); Francois Pitie;Anil Kokaram;
Structured Light 3D Scanning Under Global Illumination Mohit Gupta;Amit Agrawal;Ashok Veeraraghavan;Srinivasa Narasimhan;
Using Specular Highlights as Pose Invariant Features for 2D-3D Pose Estimation Aaron Netz (University of Haifa); Margarita Osadchy;



Posters 3B  Shape from X; Video Surveillance; Face and Gesture;

1:30-3:00 Foothills/Atrium/Pikes Peak

2.5D Building Modeling with Topology Control Qian-Yi Zhou (USC); Ulrich Neumann (USC); 
A pattern framework driven by the Hamming distance for structured light-based reconstruction with a single image Xavier Maurice (Univsersity of Strasbourg); 
Adequate Reconstruction of Transparent Objects on a Shoestring Budget Sai-Kit Yeung (UCLA); Tai-Pang Wu;Chi-keung Tang;Tony F. Chan (HKUST); Stanley Osher (UCLA); 
High-Frequency Shape and Albedo from Shading using Natural Image Statistics Jonathan Barron (UC Berkeley); Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley); 
Least Squares Surface Reconstruction from Gradients: Direct Algebraic Methods with Spectral, Tikhonov, and Constrained Regularization Matthew Harker (University of Leoben); Paul O'Leary (University of Leoben); 
Multiview Specular Stereo Reconstruction of Large Mirror Surfaces Jonathan Balzer (KAUST); Sebastian Hoefer;Juergen Beyerer;
Recovering Shape from a Single Image of a Mirrored Surface from Curvature Constraints Marshall Tappen (UCF); 
Shape Estimation in Natural Illumination Micah Johnson;Edward Adelson (MIT); 
Shape from Specular Flow: Is One Flow Enough? Yuriy Vasilyev (Harvard University); Todd Zickler;Steven Gortler (Harvard University); Ohad Ben-Shahar (Ben-Gurion University); 
Structure from motion blur in low light Yali Zheng (Chongqing University); Shohei NOBUHARA  (Kyoto University); Yaser Sheikh;
Symmetric Piecewise Planar Object Reconstruction from a Single Image Tianfan XUE (IE Department, CUHK); Jianzhuang LIU (CUHK); 
A 3-D Marked Point Process Model for Multi-View People Detection Ákos Utasi (MTA SZTAKI); Csaba Benedek (MTA SZTAKI); 
A Novel Supervised Level Set Method for Non-Rigid Object Tracking Xin Sun (Harbin Institute of Technology); Hongxun Yao;Shengping Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology); 
Automatic Adaptation of a Generic Pedestrian Detector to a Specific Traffic Scene Meng Wang (The Chinese University of HK); Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); 
Continuously Tracking and See-through Occlusion Based on A New Hybrid Synthetic Aperture Imaging Model Tao Yang (Nrothwestern Polytechnic Univ.); Yanning Zhang (NWPU); Xiaomin Tong (School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University); Xiaoqiang Zhang (School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University); Rui Yu (School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University); 
Dirichlet Process Mixture Models on Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices for Appearance Clustering in Video Surveillance Applications Anoop Cherian (University of Minnesota); Vassilios Morellas (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities); Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos;
Modeling Human Activities as Speech Chia-Chih Chen (UT ECE); Jake Aggarwal;
Object Association Across PTZ Cameras using Logistic MIL Karthik Sankaranarayanan (Ohio State University); Jim Davis;
Random Field Topic Model for Semantic Region Analysis in Crowded Scenes from Tracklets Bolei Zhou (CUHK); Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); 
Sparse Reconstruction Cost for Abnormal Event Detection Yang Cong (Nanyang Technological of Unive); Junsong Yuan (Nanyang Technological University); Ji Liu (University of Wisconsin–Madison); 
Vehicle Tracking Across Nonoverlapping Cameras Using Joint Kinematic and Appearance Features Bogdan Matei;Harpreet Sawhney (SRI International Sarnoff); Supun Samarasekera (Sarnoff Corporation); 
Action Recognition using Context and Appearance Distribution Features Xinxiao Wu (NTU); Dong Xu;Lixin Duan (NTU, Singapore); Jiebo Luo;
An Associate-Predict Model for Face Recognition Qi Yin;Jian Sun;Xiaoou Tang;
Correspondence Driven Adaptation for Human Profile Recognition Ming Yang (NEC Laboratories America); Shenghuo Zhu (NEC Laboratories America); Fengjun Lv (NEC Laboratories America); Kai Yu;
Exploiting Phonological Constraints for Handshape Inference in ASL Video Ashwin Thangali (Boston Univsersity); Stan Sclaroff (Boston University); Carol Neidle (Boston University); Joan Nash (Boston University); 
Face Recognition in Unconstrained Videos with Matched Background Similarity Lior Wolf;Tal Hassner;Itay Maoz (Tel-Aviv University); 
Face Recognition with Large Pose Variation Carlos Castillo;David Jacobs;
Localizing Parts of Faces Using a Consensus of Exemplars Peter Belhumeur (Columbia University/KBVT) ;David Jacobs (UMIACS/KBVT); David Kriegman (UCSD/KBVT); Neeraj Kumar (Columbia University/KBVT)
Is face recognition really a Compressive Sensing problem? Qinfeng Shi (The University of Adelaide); Anders Eriksson (University of Adelaide); Anton vandenHengel;Chunhua Shen (NICTA); 
Joint Face Alignment with A Generic Deformable Face Model Cong Zhao (Chinese University of Hong Kon); Wai-Kuen Cham;Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); 
Non-negative Local Coordinate Factorization for Image Representation Yan Chen (Zhejiang University); Xiaofei He;
Ordinal Hyperplanes Ranker with Cost Sensitivities for Age Estimation Kuang-Yu Chang (Academia Sinica); Chu-Song Chen (Academia Sinica); Yi-Ping Hung (NTU); 
PLS Based Multi-Modal Face Recognition Abhishek Sharma (University of Maryland CP); David Jacobs (UMIACS); 
Pose-Robust Recognition of Low-Resolution Face Images Soma Biswas (University of Notre Dame); Gaurav Aggarwal;Patrick Flynn;
Probabilistic Gaze Estimation Without Active Personal Calibration Jixu Chen (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.); Qiang Ji;
Real Time Head Pose Estimation with Random Regression Forests Gabriele Fanelli (ETHZ); Juergen Gall;Luc VanGool;
Robust Sparse Coding for Face Recognition Meng Yang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Lei Zhang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); 
A RankOrder-based clustering algorithm in face annotation Chunhui Zhu (Tsinghua University); Fang Wen (Microsoft Research Asia); Jian Sun;
Support Tucker Machines Irene Kotsia (Queen Mary University of Londo); Ioannis Patras;
Which parts of the face give out your identity? Jesus Ocegueda-Gonzalez (University of Houston); Shishir Shah (University of Houston); Ioannis Kakadiaris;



Posters 3C Early & Biological Vision; Medical; Applications;

5:10-6:30 Foothills/Atrium/Pikes Peak

A Probabilistic Model for Recursive Factorized Image Features Sergey Karayev (UC Berkeley); Mario Fritz;Sanja Fidler (University of Ljubljana); Trevor Darrell (ICSI, UC Berkeley); 
Global Contrast based Salient Region Detection Ming-Ming Cheng (Tsinghua University); Guo-Xin Zhang (Tsinghua University); Niloy  Mitra (IIT Delhi / KAUST); Xiaolei Huang;Shi-Min Hu (Tsinghua University); 
Image Saliency: From Local to Global Context Meng Wang (Boston University); Janusz Konrad (Boston University); Prakash Ishwar (Boston University); Yushi Jing (Google Research); Henry Rowley (Google); 
On analyzing video with very small motions Robert Pless;Nathan Jacobs (University of Kentucky); Michael Dixon (Washington University in St. Louis); Austin Abrams (Washington University in St. Louis); 
Saliency Estimation Using a Non-Parametric Low-Level Vision Model Naila Murray (Computer Vision Centre); Maria Vanrell;Xavier Otazu;C. Alejandro Parraga;
Simulating Human Saccadic Scanpaths on Natural Images Wei Wang (Graduate University of Chinese Academy and Sciences); Cheng Chen;Yizhou Wang;Tingting Jiang (School of EECS, Peking University); Fang Fang;Yuan Yao;
Single Image Super-Resolution using  Gaussian Process Regression He He (The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ); Wan-Chi Siu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); 
The importance of intermediate representations for the modeling of 2D shape detection: Endstopping and curvature tuned computations Antonio Rodriguez-Sanchez (York University); John Tsotsos;
Visual Saliency Detection by Spatially Weighted Dissimilarity Lijuan duan;chunpeng Wu;Jun Miao (ICT, CAS); Laiyun Qing;Yu Fu;
A Sobolev-type Metric for Polar Active Contours Maximilian Baust (CAMP, TU Munich); Anthony J. Yezzi;Gozde Unal (Sabanci University); Nassir Navab (CAMP, TU Munich); 
Sparse Shape Composition: A New Framework for Shape Prior Modeling Shaoting Zhang (Rutgers University), Yiqiang Zhan (Siemens), Maneesh Dewan (Siemens), Junzhou Huang (Rutgers University), Dimitris Metaxas (Rutgers University), Xiang Zhou (Siemens)
Automated Mitosis Detection of Stem Cell Populations with high confluency in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Images Seungil Huh (Carnegie Mellon University); Mei Chen (Intel Labs Pittsburgh); 
CrossTrack: Robust 3D Tracking from Two Cross-Sectional Views Mohamed Hussein;Fatih Porikli;
Effective 3D Object Detection and Regression Using Probabilistic Segmentation Features in CT Images  Le Lu (Siemens ); Jinbo Bi (University of Connecticut); Matthias Wolf;Marcos Salganicoff;
Feature Guided Motion Artifact Reduction with Structure-Awareness in 4D CT Images Dongfeng Han (UI); John Bayouth (UI); Qi Song;sudershan Bhatia (UI); Milan Sonka;Xiaodong Wu;
Generalized Group Sparse Classifiers with Application in fMRI Brain Decoding Bernard Ng;Rafeef Abugharbieh;
Hierarchical Anatomical Brain Networks for MCI Prediction by Partial Least Square Analysis Luping Zhou (UNC at Chapel Hill, U.S.A); Yaping Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R.China); Yang Li (UNC at Chapel Hill, U.S.A); Pew-Thian Yap (UNC at Chapel Hill, U.S.A); Dinggang Shen;
Human Brain Labeling Using Image Similarities François Rousseau (CNRS); Piotr Habas (UCSF); Colin Studholme (UCSF); 
Landmark/Image-based Deformable Registration of Gene Expression Data Uday Kurkure;Yen Le;Nikos Paragios;James Carson;Tao Ju;Ioannis Kakadiaris;
Learning-based Hypothesis Fusion for Robust Catheter Tracking in 2D X-ray Fluoroscopy Wen Wu (Siemens Corporate Research); Terrence Chen (Siemens Corporate Research); Adrian Barbu;Peng Wang (Siemens Corporate Research); Norbert Strobel;Shaohua Zhou;Comaniciu Dorin;
Novel 4-D Open-Curve Active Contour and Curve Completion Approach for Automated Tree Structure Extraction Yu Wang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.); Arunachalam Narayanaswamy (Rensselaer Polytechnic Instituite); Badri Roysam;
Regression-Based Label Fusion for Multi-Atlas Segmentation Hongzhi Wang (University of Pennsylvania); Jung Wook  Suh;John  Pluta;Murat  Altinay;Paul Yushkevich;
Robust Discriminative Wire Structure Modeling with Application to Stent Enhancement in Fluoroscopy Xiaoguang Lu (Siemens Corporate Research); Terrence Chen (Siemens Corporate Research); Comaniciu Dorin;
sLLE: Spherical Locally Linear Embedding with Applications to Tomography Yi  Fang (Purdue University); S.V.N. Vishwanathan (Purdue University); Mengtian Sun (Purdue University); Karthik Ramani (Purdue University); 
3D Motion Reconstruction for Real-World Camera Motion Yingying Zhu (University of Queensland); Mark Cox;Simon Lucey;
A fully automated greedy square jigsaw puzzle solver Dolev Pomeranz (Ben Gurion University); Michal Shemesh (Ben Gurion University); Ohad Ben-Shahar (Ben-Gurion University); 
A Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithm for 3D Superalloy Image Segmentation Yu Cao (University of South Carolina); Lili Ju (University of South Carolina); Qin Zou (University of South Carolina); Chengzhang Qu (Wuhan University, China); Song Wang;
A Unified Framework for Locating and Recognizing Human Actions Yuelei Xie (Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Science); Hong Chang;Zhe Li (Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Science); Luhong Liang (Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Science); Xilin Chen;Debin Zhao;
Aesthetic Quality Classification of Photographs Based on Color Harmony Masashi Nishiyama (University of Tokyo); Takahiro Okabe;Imari Sato;Yoichi Sato;
Constructing Image Panoramas using Dual-Homography Warping Junhong GAO (NUS); Michael Brown;Seon Joo Kim;
Distributed Computer Vision Algorithms Through Distributed Averaging Roberto Tron (Johns Hopkins University); René Vidal;
Efficient Multi-Camera Detection, Tracking, and Identification using a Shared Set of Haar-Features  Reyes Rios-Cabrera (K.U.Leuven); Tinne Tuytelaars (K.U.Leuven); Luc VanGool;
Enforcing Similarity Constraints with Integer Programming for Better Scene Text Recognition David Smith (UMass Amherst); Jacqueline Feild (UMass Amherst); Eric Learned-Miller;
High Precision localization System with Visual Landmarks Fused With Range Data Zhiwei Zhu (Sarnoff Corporation); 
Importance Filtering for Image Retargeting Yuanyuan Ding (Epson Research and Development); Jing Xiao (Epson R&D); 
Learning photographic global tonal adjustments with a database of input/output image pairs Vladimir Bychkovsky (MIT / CSAIL); Sylvain Paris;Eric Chan (Adobe Systems Inc.); Fredo Durand (MIT); 
Predicting Image Matching using Affine Distortion Models Daniel Fleck (American University); Zoran Duric;
RUNE-Tag: a High Accuracy Fiducial Marker with Strong Occlusion Resilience Filippo Bergamasco (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia); Andrea Albarelli;Andrea Torsello;Emanuele Rodola (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia); 
The Magic Sigma Dirk Padfield (GE Global Research); 
Towards a practical lipreading system Ziheng Zhou (University of Oulu); Matti Pietik;Guoying Zhao (University of Oulu, Finland); 
What makes an image memorable? Phillip Isola (MIT); Jianxiong Xiao (MIT CSAIL); Aude Oliva;Antonio Torralba;