Wednesday Orals


Orals 2A Object Detection - 10:30-12:10 Ballroom 1
A Coarse-to-fine approach for fast deformable object detection Marco Pedersoli (Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona); Andrea Vedaldi (Oxford); Jordi Gonzalez (Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona - Computer Vision Center); 
FlowBoost - Appearance Learning from Sparsely Annotated Video Karim Ali (EPFL); Francois Fleuret (Idiap Research Institute); David Hasler;
Articulated Pose Estimation with Flexible Mixtures-of-Parts Yi Yang;Deva Ramanan;
Large-Scale Live Active Learning: Training Object Detectors with Crawled Data and Crowds Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan;Kristen Grauman;
From Partial Shape Matching through Local Deformation to Robust Global Shape Similarity for Object Detection Tianyang Ma (Temple University); LonginJan Latecki;
Orals 2B - Optimization Methods - 10:30-12:10 Ballroom 2
A Non-convex Relaxation Approach to Sparse Dictionary Learning Jianping Shi (Zhejiang University); Xiang Ren (Zhejiang University); Jingdong Wang;Guang Dai (ZJU); Zhihua Zhang;
A Study of Nesterov’s Scheme for Lagrangian Decomposition and MAP Labeling Bogdan Savchynskyy (Heidelberg University); Jörg  Kappes (Heidelberg University); Stefan Schmidt (Heidelberg University); Christoph Schnörr;
Scale Invariant cosegmentation for image groups Lopamudra Mukherjee (Univ of Wisconsin Whitewater); Vikas Singh;Jiming Peng (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign); 
Submodularity beyond submodular energies: coupling edges in graph cuts Stefanie Jegelka (Max Planck Institute); Jeff Bilmes;
Scale and Rotation Invariant Matching Using Linearly Augmented Trees Hao Jiang (Boston College); Tai-Peng Tian (Boston University); Stan Sclaroff (Boston University); 
Orals 2C - Segmentation and Grouping - 3:30 -5:10 Ballroom 1
Occlusion Boundary Detection and Figure/Ground Assignment from Optical Flow Patrik Sundberg (UC Berkeley); Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley); Michael Maire (California Institute of Technology); Pablo Arbelaez;Thomas Brox (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg); 
Nonlinear Shape Manifolds as Shape Priors in Level Set Segmentation and Tracking Victor Prisacariu (University of Oxford); Ian Reid (University of Oxford); 
Kernelized Structural SVM Learning for Supervised Object Segmentation Luca Bertelli (Google); Tianli Yu (Google Inc.); Diem Vu (Google Inc.); Salih Gokturk (Google Inc); 
Contour Based Joint Clustering of Multiple Segmentations Daniel Glasner (Weizmann Institute of Science); Shiv Vitaladevuni (Raytheon BBN Technologies); Ronen Basri;
Real-time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images Jamie Shotton (Microsoft Research Cambridge); Andrew Fitzgibbon;Mat Cook;Andrew Blake;
Orals 2D - Motion and Tracking - 3:30-5:10 Ballroom 2 
Multiobject Tracking as Maximum Weight Independent Set William Brendel (Oregon State University); Mohamed Amer (Oregon State University); Sinisa Todorovic;
Parsing Human Motion with Structured Ensembles of Stretchable Models Ben Sapp;David Weiss (University of Pennsylvania); Ben Taskar;
Intrinsic Dense 3D Surface Tracking Yun Zeng;Chaohui Wang (Ecole Centrale Paris/INRIA); Yang Wang;David Gu;Dimitris Samaras;Nikos Paragios;
Robust Tracking Using Local Sparse Appearance Model and K-Selection Baiyang Liu (Rutgers University); junzhou Huang (Rutgers University, CBIM); Casimir Kulikowski (Rutgers); Lin Yang (UMDNJ); 
Markerless Motion Capture of Interacting Characters Using Multi-view Image Segmentation Yebin Liu (Max Planck Institute); Carsten Stoll (Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik); Juergen Gall;Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik); Christian Theobalt;