Video/Web Proceedings

Video Presentations - The video presentations are available  free for all CVPR attendees.  Instructions --

1)  go to
2) select log in
3) create account
4) go back to talk page and select talk
5) then it will ask you for the last name(case sensitive) and registration id (from CVPR registration)


CVPR2011 will be producing a web/video proceedings.  Talks  (presentation and presenter) will be broadcast to the overflow rooms, and also captured for live webcasting and archived web-presentations.  You will need to sign a release form for the web video broadcast.  Presenters can find the video release forms here.   A signed copy will be collected at CVPR. 


Poster presenters have the opportunity to generate a movie, up to 10min in length with  H.264/AAC in MOV format perfered.   Please upload your videos as "presentation material" in CMT.   If you choose to do such a video, it too requires a release form, also to be collected at CVPR.   Instructions for posting poster videos will be linked as soon as avaibilbe. Moving it from CMT to the hosting site was going to be more difficult so as soon as the site is up you'll get another email via CMT.

Poster Video upload instructions:  Follow the link below after 12pm MST 6/17/2011. It requires one to create a account to allow  upload.  This link will first ask for login information, then will take one to video-upload page (with title, authors, abstract etc), and once video is uploaded, then optionally will ask to upload any attachment (like pdf of the slides). Submiting will act as the copyright assignment (there will be a disclamer to that effect).  It will also give a link to watch the uploaded video.


All CVPR attendees will have free access to all videos.   After CVPR2012, all CVPR2011 video proceedings will be free for anyone to access.