Thursday Orals


Orals 3A Object Recognition - 10:30 - 12:10 Ballroom 1
Describing Images: Understanding and Generating Image Descriptions Girish  Kulkarni (Stony Brook University); Visruth Premraj (Stony Brook University); Sagnik Dhar (Stony Brook University); Siming Li (Stony Brook University); Alexander Berg ;Yejin Choi (Stony Brook University); Tamara Berg (Stony Brook University); 
Recognition Using Visual Phrases  Ali Farhadi (UIUC); Mohammad Amin Sadeghi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); 
Uncovering Vein Patterns from Color Skin Images for Forensic Analysis Chaoying Tang (Nanyang Technological Univ.); Adams Wai Kin Kong (Nanyang Technological University ); Noah Craft (Los Angeles Biomedical Research  Institute); 
What You Saw is Not What You Get: Domain Adaptation Using Asymmetric Kernel Transforms Brian Kulis;Kate Saenko;Trevor Darrell (ICSI, UC Berkeley); 
Automatic Photo-to-Terrain Alignment for the Annotation of Mountain Pictures Lionel Baboud (MPI Informatik); Martin Cadik (MPI Informatik); Elmar Eisemann (MPI Informatik, Telecom ParisTech); Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik); 
Orals 3B Image Modeling - 10:30 - 12:10 Ballroom 2
Rectification and 3D reconstruction of Curved Document Images Yuandong Tian (Carnegie Mellon University); Srinivasa Narasimhan;
Internal Statistics of a Single Natural Image Maria Zontak (The Weizmann Institute of Science); Michal Irani;
Boundary Preserving Dense Local Regions Jaechul Kim (University of Texas at Austin); Kristen Grauman;
A Theory of Differential Photometric Stereo for General Isotropic BRDFs Jiamin Bai (UC Berkeley); Manmohan Chandraker (UC Berkeley); Ravi Ramamoorthi (UC Berkeley); 
Analytical Projection Model for Non-Central Catadioptric Cameras with Quadric Mirrors Amit Agrawal;Yuichi Taguchi (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs); Srikumar  Ramalingam (MERL); 
Orals 3C Statistical Methods and Learning 3:30-5:10 Ballroom 1
Principal Regression Analysis Jason Saragih (CSIRO); 
Accelerated Low-Rank Visual Recovery by Random Projection Yadong Mu (NUS, Singapore); Jian Dong;Xiaotong Yuan (NUS.EDU.SG); Ju Sun (National Uni. of Singapore); Shuicheng Yan;
Online Domain-Adaptation of a Pre-Trained Cascade of Classifiers Vidit Jain (Yahoo! Labs); Eric Learned-Miller;
Coupled Information-Theoretic Encoding for Face Photo-Sketch Recognition Wei Zhang (CUHK); Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Xiaoou Tang;
Orals 3D Applications 3:30-5:10 Ballroom 2 
Separating Reflective and Fluorescent Components of An Image Cherry Zhang (University of Waterloo); Imari Sato;
Sparse Approximated Nearest Points for Image Set Classification Yiqun Hu (University of Western Australia); Ajmal Mian (University of Western Australia); Robyn Owens (University of Western Australia); 
Intrinsic Images Decomposition Using a Local and Global Sparse Representation of Reflectance Li Shen (I2R); Chuohao Yeo (; 
Sparsity-based Image Denoising via Dictionary Learning and Structural Clustering Weisheng Dong;Xin Li (WVU); 
Stable Multi-Target Tracking in Real-Time Surveillance Video Ben Benfold (University of Oxford); Ian Reid (University of Oxford);