Wedneday Posters

Posters 2A 8:30-10:00

Posters 2B 1:30-3:00

Posters 2C 5:10-6:30


Posters 2A Video Analysis and Event Recognition; Computational Photography; Vision for Graphic, Sensors

8:30-10:00 Foothills/Atrium/Pikes Peak

A Large-scale Benchmark Dataset for Event Recognition in Surveillance Video Sangmin Oh;Anthony Hoogs;A.G.Amitha Perera;Chia-Chih Chen (UT ECE); Jong Taek Lee (The University of Texas at Austin); Jake Aggarwal;Hyungtae Lee (University of Maryland, College Park); Larry Davis;Xiaoyang Wang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Eran Swears (RPI); Qiang Ji;Kishore Reddy (University Of Central Florida); Mubarak Shah;Carl Vondrick (University of California, Irvi); Hamed Pirsiavash;Deva Ramanan;Jenny Yuen (MIT); Antonio Torralba;Bi Song (UCR); Anesco Fong (Univ. of California, Riverside); Amit Roy-Chowdhury;Mita Desai (DARPA); 
Abnormal Detection Using Interaction Energy Potentials Xinyi Cui (Rutgers University); Qingshan Liu (Rutgers University); Mingchen Gao (Rutgers University); Dimitris Metaxas;
action recognition by dense trajectories Heng Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Alexander Kläser;Cordelia Schmid;Cheng-Lin Liu (CASIA); 
Action Recognition from a Distributed Representation of Pose and Appearance Subhransu Maji;Lubomir Bourdev (UC Berkeley); Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley); 
Action Recognition with Multiscale Spatio-Temporal Contexts Jiang Wang (Northwestern University); Zhuoyuan Chen (Northwestern University); Ying Wu (Northwestern University); 
Activity Recognition using Dynamic Subspace Angles Octavia Camps;Mario Sznaier (Northeastern University); Binlong Li (Northeastern University); Teresa Mao (Northeastern University); Mustafa Ayazoglu (Northeastern University); 
Actom Sequence Models for Efficient Action Detection Adrien Gaidon (INRIA); Harchaoui Zaid;Cordelia Schmid;
Discriminative Tag Learning on YouTube Videos with Latent Sub-tags Weilong Yang (Simon Fraser University); George Toderici (Google Inc.); 
Extracting and Locating Temporal Motifs in Video Scenes Using a Hierarchical Non Parametric Bayesian Model Rémi Emonet (Idiap); Jagannadan Varadarajan (Idiap); Jean-Marc Odobez (Idiap); 
Fast Unsupervised Ego-Action Learning for First-person Sports Videos Kris Kitani (UCSD); Yoichi Sato;Takahiro Okabe;Akihiro Sugimoto (NII); 
Identifying Players in Broadcast Sports Videos using Conditional Random Fields Wei-Lwun Lu (University of British Columbia); Jo-Anne Ting (University of British Columbia); Kevin Murphy;Jim Little;
Instantly Telling What Happens in a Video Sequence Using Light Features Liang Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology); Yizhou Wang;Tingting Jiang (School of EECS, Peking University); Wen Gao (Peking University); 
Joint Segmentation and Classification of Human Actions in Video MinhHoai Nguyen;Zhen-zhong Lan (Carnegie Mellon University); Fernando DelaTorre;
Learning Context for Collective Activity Recognition Wongun Choi (University of Michigan); Silvio Savarese;Khuram Shahid;
Learning to Recognize Objects in Egocentric Activities Alireza Fathi (Georgia Institute of Technolog); Xiaofeng Ren;James Rehg;
Multi-agent event recognition in structured scenarios Vlad Morariu (University of Maryland); Larry Davis;
Novelty detection from an Ego-centric perspective Omid Aghazadeh (KTH); Josephine Sullivan;Stefan Carlsson;
On Dynamic Scene Geometry for View-invariant Action Matching  Anwaar Haq (Monash); Iqbal Gondal (Monash University); Mubarak Shah (UCF); 
Online Detection of Unusual Events in Videos via Dynamic Sparse Coding Bin Zhao (Carnegie Mellon University); Li Fei-Fei;Eric Xing;
Optimal Spatio-Temporal Path Discovery for Video Event Detection and Localization Du Tran (NTU); Junsong Yuan (Nanyang Technological University); 
Probabilistic Event Logic for Interval-Based and Holistic Event Recognition William Brendel (Oregon State University); Alan Fern (Oregon State University); Sinisa Todorovic;
Scenario-Based Video Event Recognition by Constraint Flow Suha Kwak (POSTECH); Bohyung Han (POSTECH); Joon Han (POSTECH); 
Track to the future: Spatio-temporal video segmentation with long-range motion cues José Lezama (INRIA); Karteek Alahari (ENS / INRIA - WILLOW); Josef Sivic (INRIA / Ecole Normale Superieure); Ivan Laptev;
TVParser: An Automatic TV Video Parsing Method Chao Liang (Chinese Academy of Sciences); changsheng Xu;Jian Cheng;Hanqing Lu;
A Theory of Multi-perspective Defocusing Yuanyuan Ding (Epson Research and Development); Jingyi Yu;
Auto Directed Video Stabilization with Robust L1 Optimal Camera Paths Matthias Grundmann;Vivek Kwatra;Irfan Essa;
Blind Deconvolution Using A Normalized Sparsity Measure Dilip Krishnan (New York University); Rob Fergus;
Blur kernel estimation using the Radon Transform Taeg Sang Cho (MIT CSAIL); Sylvain Paris;Bill Freeman;Berthold Horn (MIT CSAIL); 
Collaborative Personalization of Image Enhancement Juan Caicedo (Universidad Nacional de Colomb); Ashish Kapoor;Sing Bing Kang (Microsoft Research); 
Enhancing by Saliency-guided Decolorization Codruta Ancuti (Hasselt University); Cosmin Ancuti (Hasselt University); Philippe Bekaert (Hasselt University); 
Estimating Motion and Size of Moving Non-Line-of-Sight Objects in Cluttered Environments Rohit Pandharkar (MIT); Andreas Velten (MIT); Andrew Bardagjy (MIT); Ramesh Raskar;Moungi Bawendi;Ahmed Kirmani;Everett Lawson (MIT); 
Exploring Aligned Complementary Image Pair for Blind Motion Deblurring Wen Li (School of Electronics and Info); Jun Zhang (School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Beihang University); Qionghai Dai (Tsinghua University); 
Face Illumination Transfer through Edge-preserving Filters Xiaowu Chen (Beihang University); Mengmeng Chen (Beihang University); Xin Jin (Beihang University); Qinping Zhao (Beihang University); 
High Resolution Multispectral Video Capture with a Hybrid Camera System Xun Cao (Tsinghua University); Xin Tong;Qionghai Dai (Tsinghua University); Stephen Lin;
Learning a Blind Measure of Perceptual Image Quality Huixuan Tang (University of Toronto); Neel Joshi;Ashish Kapoor;
Motion Denoising with Application to Time-lapse Photography Michael Rubinstein (MIT CSAIL); Ce Liu (Microsoft Research New England);Peter Sand; Fredo Durand(MIT CSAIL); Bill Freeman(MIT CSAIL);
Noise Suppression in Low-Light Images through Joint Denoising and Demosaicing Priyam Chatterjee (UC Santa Cruz); Neel Joshi;Sing Bing Kang (Microsoft Research); Yasuyuki Matsushita;
P2C2: Programmable Pixel Compressive Camera for High Speed Imaging. Dikpal Reddy (University of Maryland); Ashok Veeraraghavan;
Reconstructing an image from its local descriptors Philippe Weinzaepfel (ENS Cachan Bretagne); Herve Jegou;Patrick Perez (Technicolor); 
Global temporal registration of multiple non-rigid surface sequences Peng Huang (University of Surrey); Adrian Hilton;Chris Budd (University of Surrey); 
High Quality Intrinsic Images Using Optimization Jianbing Shen (Beijing Institute ofTechnology); Xiaoshan Yang (Beijing Institute of Technology); 
Camera Calibration with Lens Distortion from Low-rank Textures Zhengdong Zhang (Microsoft Research Asi); Yasuyuki Matsushita;Yi Ma;
High-resolution Hyperspectral Imaging via Matrix Factorization Rei Kawakami;John Wright;Yu-Wing Tai (KAIST); Yasuyuki Matsushita;Moshe Ben-Ezra (Microsoft Research Asia); Katsushi Ikeuchi;
Radiometric Calibration by Transform Invariant Low-rank Structure Joon-Young Lee (KAIST); Boxin Shi (The University of Tokyo); Yasuyuki Matsushita;InSo Kweon;Katsushi Ikeuchi;



Posters 2B Stereo and Structure form Motion; Performance Evaluation; Object Detection

1:30-3:00  Foothills/Atrium/Pikes Peak

A Branch and Contract Algorithm For Globally Optimal Fundamental Matrix Estimation Yinqiang  Zheng (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Shigeki Sugimoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Masatoshi Okutomi;
A Brute-Force Algorithm for Reconstructing a Scene from Two Projections Olof Enqvist (Lund University); Fangyuan Jiang (Lund University); Fredrik Kahl;
A Novel Parametrization of the Perspective-Three-Point Problem for a Direct Computation of Absolute Camera Position and Orientation Laurent Kneip (ETH Zurich); Davide Scaramuzza;Roland Siegwart (ETH Zurich); 
A Robust Method for Vector Field Learning with Application to Mismatch Removing Ji Zhao (Huazhong Univ of Sci & Tech); Ma Jiayi;
An Analysis of Using High-Frequency Sinusoidal Illumination to Measure the 3D Shape of Translucent Objects Michael Holroyd (University of Virginia); Jason Lawrence (University of Virginia); 
Energy Based Multiple Model Fitting for Non-Rigid Structure from Motion Chris Russell;Joao Fayad (Queen Mary, UoL); Lourdes Agapito;
Fast Cost-Volume Filtering for Visual Correspondence and Beyond Christoph Rhemann (Vienna University of Technolog); Asmaa Hosni (Vienna University of Technology); Michael Bleyer (Vienna University of Technology); Carsten Rother;margrit Gelautz (Vienna University of Technology); 
Fusion of GPS and Structure-from-Motion using Constrained Bundle Adjustments Maxime Lhuillier;
Global Stereo Matching Leveraged by Sparse Ground Control Points Liang Wang;Ruigang Yang (University of Kentucky); 
L1-rotation averaging using the Weiszfeld algorithm Richard Hartley (ANU); 
Line-Based Relative Pose Estimation Ali Elqursh (Rutgers University); Ahmed Elgammal;
Multicore Bundle Adjustment Changchang Wu (University of Washtingon at Seattle); Sameer Agarwal;Brian Curless (University of Washtingon at Seattle); Steve Seitz;
Non-Rigid Structure from Motion with Complementary Rank-3 Spaces Paulo Gotardo (The Ohio State University); Aleix Martinez;
NonLinear Refinement of Structure from Motion Reconstruction by Taking Advantage of a Partial Knowledge of the Environment Mohamed Tamaazousti (CEA LIST); Vincent Gay-Bellile;Sylvie Naudet Colette (CEA LIST); steve bourgeois;michel dhome;
Object Stereo - Joint Stereo Matching and Object Segmentation Michael Bleyer (Vienna University of Technology); Carsten Rother;Pushmeet Kohli;Daniel Scharstein;Sudipta Sinha;
Projective Alignment of Range and Parallax Data Miles Hansard (INRIA Rhone-Alpes); Radu Horaud;Michel Amat (INRIA Rhone-Alpes); Seungkyu Lee (SAIT); 
Reduced Epipolar Cost for Accelerated Incremental SfM Antonio Rodríguez (Universidad de Murcia); Pedro Enrique López-De-Teruel (University of Murcia); Alberto Ruiz (University of Murcia); 
Relative pose problem for non-overlapping surveillance cameras with known gravity vector Branislav Micusik;
Robust, Accurate and Weakly-Supported-Surfaces preserving Multi-View Reconstruction Michal Jancosek (CTU Prague); Tomas Pajdla (CTU Prague); 
Scene Flow Estimation by Growing Correspondence Seeds Jan Cech (INRIA); Jordi Sanchez-Riera (INRIA); Radu Horaud;
Structure from motion for scenes with large duplicate structures Richard Roberts (Georgia Institute of Technology); Sudipta Sinha;Richard Szeliski;Drew Steedly;
The Light-Path Less Traveled Srikumar  Ramalingam (MERL); Sofien Bouaziz (EPFL); Peter Sturm;Philip Torr (Oxford Brookes University); 
Evaluating Combinational Color Constancy Methods on Real-World Images Bing Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences); 
Evaluation of Background Subtraction Techniques for Video Surveillance Sebastian Brutzer;Benjamin Hoeferlin (University of Stuttgart); Gunther Heidemann (University of Stuttgart); 
What Makes a Chair a Chair? Helmut Grabner;Juergen Gall;Luc VanGool;
A Segmentation-aware Object Detection Model with Occlusion Handling Tianshi Gao (Stanford University); Benjamin Packer;Daphne Koller;
Adapting an Object Detector by Considering the Worst Case: a Conservative Approach Guang Chen (University of MIssouri); TonyX. Han;
Adaptive Random Forest - How many ``experts'' to ask before making a decision? Alexander Schwing (ETHZ); Christopher Zach;Yefeng Zheng (Siemens Corporate Research); Marc Pollefeys;
Boosted Local Structured HOG-LBP for Object Localization Junge Zhang;Kaiqi Huang (NLPR,CASIA); Tieniu Tan;
Efficient Region Search for Object Detection Sudheendra Vijayanarasimhan;Kristen Grauman;
Efficient Subwindow Search with Submodular Score Functions Senjian An (Curtin University); Patrick Peursum;Wanquan Liu (curtin university); Svetha Venkatesh;
Fast and High-Performance Template Matching Method Alexander Sibiryakov (Mitsubishi Electric); 
Finding the Weakest Link in Person Detectors Devi Parikh;Larry Zitnick;
Learning and Matching Multiscale Template Descriptors for Real-Time Detection, Localization and Tracking Taehee Lee (UCLA); Stefano Soatto;
Learning Effective Human Pose Estimation from Inaccurate Annotation Sam Johnson (University of Leeds); Mark Everingham;
Learning People Detection Models from Few Training Samples Leonid Pishchulin (MPI Informatics); Christian Wojek (Max-Planck-Institute Informatics); Arjun Jain;Thorsten Thormaehlen (MPI Informatics); Bernt Schiele  (MPI Informatics); 
Learning to Share Visual Appearance for Multiclass Object Detection Ruslan Salakhutdinov (MIT); Antonio Torralba;Josh Tenenbaum (MIT); 
PClines - Line Detection Using Parallel Coordinates Markéta Dubská (Brno University of Technology); Adam Herout (Brno University of Technology); Jiří Havel (Brno University of Technology); 
Proposal Generation for Object Detection using Cascaded Ranking SVMs Ziming Zhang (Oxford Brookes University); Jonathan Warrell;Philip Torr (Oxford Brookes University); 
Scalable Multi-class Object Detection Nima Razavi (ETH Zurich); Juergen Gall;Luc VanGool;
Shared Parts for Deformable Part-based Models Patrick Ott (University of Leeds); Mark Everingham;
Unbiased Look at Dataset Bias Antonio Torralba;Alyosha Efros;



Posters 2C Optimization; Vision for Robotics; Scene Understanding; Image and Video Retrieval

5:10-6:30  Foothills/Atrium/Pikes Peak

A Closed Form Solution to Robust Subspace Estimation and Clustering Paolo Favaro;René Vidal;Avinash Ravichandran (Johns Hopkins University); 
Deterministically Maximizing Feasible Subsystem for Robust Model Fitting with Unit Norm Constraint Yinqiang  Zheng (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Shigeki Sugimoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Masatoshi Okutomi;
Distributed Message Passing for Large Scale Graphical Models Alexander Schwing (ETHZ); Hazan Tamir;Marc Pollefeys;Raquel Urtasun;
Efficient Training for Pairwise or Higher Order MRFs via Dual Decomposition Nikos Komodakis;
Exhaustive Family of Energies Minimizable Exactly by a Graph Cut and Approximations of the Other Ones Guillaume Charpiat (INRIA); 
Inference for Order Reduction in MRFs Andrew Gallagher;Dhruv Batra;Devi Parikh;
Making the Right Moves: Guiding Alpha-Expansion using Local Primal-Dual Gaps Dhruv Batra;Pushmeet Kohli;
Robust Classification via Structured Sparse Representation Ehsan Elhamifar (Johns Hopkins University); René Vidal;
Submodular Decomposition Framework for Inference in MRF with Global Constraints Dmitry Vetrov;Anton Osokin (Moscow State University); Vladimir Kolmogorov;
Total Variation for Cyclic Structures Evgeny Strekalovskiy (Technical University Munich); Daniel Cremers;
Variable Grouping for Energy Minimization Taesup Kim (KAIST); Sebastian Nowozin;Pushmeet Kohli;Chang D. Yoo;
Wavelet Belief Propagation for Large Scale Inference Problems Ruxandra Lasowski (Max Planck Institute Informatik); Art Tevs (Max Planck Institute Informatik); Michael Wand (Max Planck Institute Informatik); Hans-Peter Seidel;
Online Environment Mapping Jongwoo Lim;Jan-Michael Frahm;Marc Pollefeys;
Structure-from-Motion Based Hand-Eye Calibration Using $L_{\infty}$ Minimization Jan Heller (CTU in Prague); Michal Havlena (CTU in Prague); Tomas Pajdla (CTU Prague); Akihiro Sugimoto (NII); 
Repetition-based Dense Single-View Reconstruction  Changchang Wu (University of Washtingon at Seattle); Jan-Michael Frahm;Marc Pollefeys;
A Hierarchical Conditional Random Field Model for Labeling and Segmenting Images of Street Scenes Qixing Huang (Stanford University); Mei Han;Bo Wu;Sergey Ioffe;
Functional Categorization of Objects using Real-time Markerless Motion Capture Juergen Gall;Andrea Fossati;Luc VanGool;
Heterogeneous Image Features Integration via Multi-View Spectral Clustering Xiao Cai (Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Arlington); Feiping  Nie (University of Texas, Arlington); Heng Huang (University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering); Farhad Kamangar (Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Arlington); 
Image analysis by counting on a grid Alessandro Perina (Microsoft Research); Nebojsa Jojic (Microsoft Research); 
Monocular 3D Scene Understanding with Explicit Occlusion Reasoning Christian Wojek (Max-Planck-Institute Informatics); Stefan Walk (TU Darmstadt); Stefan Roth;Bernt Schiele  (MPI Informatics); 
Piecing Together the Segmentation Jigsaw using Context Xi Chen (University of Maryland); Arpit Jain (University of Maryland); Abhinav Gupta;Larry Davis;
Sampling Bedrooms Luca Del Pero (University of Arizona); Jinyan Guan (University of Arizona); Ernesto Brau (University of Arizona); Joseph Schlecht (University of Heidelber); Kobus Barnard (Universiy of Arizona); 
Scene Shape from Textures of Objects Nadia Payet (Oregon State University); Sinisa Todorovic;
Semantic structure from motion Sid Ying-Ze Bao (University of Michigan); Silvio Savarese;
Asymmetric Distances for Binary Embeddings Albert Gordo (CVC / XRCE); Florent Perronnin;
City-Scale Landmark Identification on Mobile Devices David Chen (Stanford University); Georges Baatz (Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich); Kevin Koeser;Sam Tsai;Ramakrishna Vedantham (Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto); Timo Pylvanainen (Nokia Research Center, Tampere); kimmo Roimela (Nokia Research Center); Xin Chen (Navteq); Jeff Bach (Navteq); Marc Pollefeys;Bernd Girod;Radek Grzeszczuk;
Combining attributes and Fisher vectors for efficient image retrieval Matthijs Douze;Arnau Ramisa (INRIA); Cordelia Schmid;
Edgel Inverted Index for Large-Scale Sketch-based Image Search Yang Cao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Wang Changhu (microsoft); Zhang Liqing (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Lei Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia); 
Face Image Retrieval by Shape Manipulation Brandon Smith (University of Wisconsin-Madiso); Shengqi Zhu (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Li Zhang;
Hello neighbor: accurate object retrieval with k-reciprocal nearest neighbors Qin Danfeng (ETH Zurich); Stephan Gammeter (ETH Zurich); Lukas Bossard (ETH Zurich); Till Quack;Luc VanGool;
Hierarchical Semantic Indexing for Large Scale Image Retrieval Jia Deng (Princeton University); Alexander Berg (Stony Brook University); Li Fei-Fei;
Image Annotation via Preferential Random Walk on Bi-relational Graph of Images and Semantic Labels Hua Wang (Univ. of Texas at Arlington); Heng Huang (University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering); Chris Ding;
Learning Image Vicept Description via Mixed-Norm Regularization for Large Scale Semantic Image Search Liang LI (ICT, CAS); Shuqiang Jiang;Qingming Huang (Graduate Univ of Chinese Academy of Sciences); 
Learning structured prediction models for interactive image labeling Thomas Mensink (XRCE); Jakob Verbeek;Gabriela Csurka (XRCE); 
Locality-Sensitive Support Vector Machine by Exploring Local Feature Correlation for Web Image Annotation Guo-Jun Qi (ECE, UIUC); Qi Tian (University of Texas at San Antonio); Thomas Huang (UIUC); 
Noise Resistant Graph Ranking for Improved Web Image Search Wei Liu (Columbia University); Yu-Gang Jiang (Columbia University); Jiebo Luo;Shih-Fu Chang;
Query-Specific Visual Semantic Spaces for Web Image Re-ranking Ke Liu (CUHK); Xiaogang Wang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); 
Random Forest Voting for Fast Action Search Gang YU (Nanyang technological Univ); Junsong Yuan (Nanyang Technological University); Zicheng Liu;
Random Maximum Margin Hashing Alexis Joly (INRIA); olivier buisson (ina); 
Tag Localization with Spatial Correlations and Joint Group Sparsity Yang Yang (The University of Queensland); Yi Yang (The University of Queensland); Zi Huang (The University of Queensland); Heng Tao Shen (The University of Queensland); Feiping  Nie (University of Texas, Arlington); 
Total Recall II: Query Expansion Revisited Ondrej Chum;Andrej Mikulik (CMP, CTU in Prague); Michal Perdoch (CMP, CTU in Prague); Jiri Matas;
Unsupervised Auxiliary Visual Words Discovery for Large-Scale Image Object Retrieval Yin-Hsi Kuo (National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica); Hsuan-Tien Lin;Wen-Huang Cheng;Yi-Hsuan Yang;Winston Hsu;